The Whizzing World Of The Wizzard Wood

THE Wombles of Wimbledon have a new neighbour - Roy Wood, the hairy pop performer, producer, writer and leader of rock 'n' roll band Wizzard.

Roy has always said that he'd never budge from Birmingham. But now he's hiding in a very nice flat next door to his boss, Don Arden.

"I've taken the phone off the hook, but people keep banging on my door with urgent messages. I've lost so many songs that way," sighs Roy.

"When you're working out a new tune and somebody interrupts, you can never think of it again."

The trouble is that Roy usually manages to find too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

Besides solo recording commitments, Roy writes and performs with his hit group, Wizzard.

He is also continually producing other people's records, because he says he promised them in a moment of weakness and doesn't like to let them down.

And when he isn't in the recording studios you will find him haring about the country on a Wizzard pop tour.

"I want to squash as much into my life as possible," say's Roy.

Right now he is planning a performance at London's Royal Festival Hall In February, backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

And after that he has promised himself that he will record the classical opus which is buzzing in his brain. And then he's off on a tour of the States.

Does Roy ever stop making music?

"When I'm asleep," he says. Roy can sleep anywhere, mainly during the day. Most nights are spent writing and recording.

Which is maybe why he's alone right now.

His wife left him, says Roy, because they hardly ever saw each other.

And, more recently, pop star Lynsey de Paul has said 'bye 'bye to her beau because of Roy's hard working habits.

He's given himself ulcers by existing on an average of three hours sleep a day," she declared.

So while Premier Harold Wilson is asking us all to knuckle down and tighten our belts next year, I can only suggest Roy does just the opposite.

Taken from one of the tabloid newspapers, possible the Daily Mirror, c. 1975