Roy? Roy, where are you?

I HOPE you can spare the time to read this and consider the facts.

First, this artist started in music around 1965, since then he's written/recorded and produced nearly 30 hit singles, and several successful albums. In 1973, alone, he had no less than six hit singles. He was the founder member of one of the legendary groups of the Sixties, and later formed another highly successful group.

Who?? - Roy Wood, of course!!

With his work with the Move and E.L.O. he achieved considerable respect and later formed the very underrated Wizzard - a group of superb musicians who never achieved the acclaim they deserved.

All the time Wizzard were recording their singles, and sending up Top of the Pops with their gross theatrics they were working towards their goal as an accepted, respected albums band. 

The first stage in this was to have been their third album (with the working title "Wizzo"). This album was recorded during 1975, and was virtually complete by last Christmas. The album was to have been a progressive rock album, with jazz influences. However, due to heavy recording commitments, Roy Wood was unable to do any live work during 1975 and most of Wizzard left at the end of the year. The reason being a combination of boredom and lack of earnings. The plan now was for Roy to complete the album and then go on the road with a new line-up.

Unfortunately, the album has never been released, The only evidence of it being a single "Indiana Rainbow" which was released by Jet Records last March. This single bore the legend "From The Forthcoming album 'Wizzo"'. On a recent radio interview Roy said a new band had been formed but he was having a lot of problems getting the album released due to "contractual and management difficulties."

The situation is now like this:-

a) Roy Wood hasn't worked live since December 1974.

b) He hasn't released any new solo work for over a year.

c) Wizzard haven't released a new single for nine months.

d) Wizzard haven't released an album for 2½ years.

e) They haven't released a new single for nine months.

e) They haven't had a hit single for two years.

g) Roy Wood hasn't had a hit single for nearly two years.

In conclusion, I find it frustrating and sad that a talented musician of Roy Wood's calibre can be simply eliminated from the music scene for such a long time for unknown reasons.

David Fowler, Horley, Surrey.

SOUNDS Page 23 December 18, 1976