Roy Wood

Roy Wood: vocals, guitar, saxophone, cello, bassoon, tuba, clarinet, recorder, sitar, banjo, harmonica string bass, drums. Born 8 November 1946, in Birmingham, he taught himself music while nurturing his talents with a diet of rock'n'roll and Tchaikovsky. While attending Moseley School of Art, Roy played with a number of local groups before forming the Move, which, with the aid of manager Tony Secunda and producer Denny Cordell, soon became a top English band. Responsible for most of the Move's compositions, especially 'Fire Brigade', 'Blackberry Way', 'Brontosaurus', 'Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree' and 'Hello Susie', and subsequently Wizzard, he has recently written several songs for Elvis. Other current Roy Wood activities include the recording of a solo album on which he played every instrument, as well as produced and arranged, and the producing of San Francisco band Earthquake. His favourite songwriters are the Carpenters.