Wizzard Watch'a Society Newsletter - May 1974

Well, this month must be the busiest month ever (I can vouch for that...Linda) We must have enrolled at least another 1,000 members due to the ad on the cover of "Rock ‘N Roll Winter" which incidentally or incident'ly has now sold 195,000 copies putting it at No. 6 this week. Also some of you have been having trouble with faulty copies, well I rang Warner Bros. and they told me that the shops where you bought them from will exchange them for you, but make sure before you leave that you've a perfect copy.

Did you see WIZZARD on "Top Of The Pops" ? That custard pie routine knocked me out, and Dave Lee Travis really wasn't expecting one in his face, but the part that made me roar was where Roy stood there with a pie in his hands, looked at it, and then slapped it in his own face! I still keep laughing at that when I think of it, it was great, and this week we had Rick in his Monty Python outfit, singing into a 'loo brush' with a cow lurking behind. Amazing, I can't wait for the next one.

By the way, due to thousands of request from you, the next single is to be ........ (Drum Roll) ......."The Story Of My Love" ....... which has proved to be very popular with you all since they've been featuring it on the last tour. The B side is to be a Nick Pentelow production, which is as yet untitled ............. (End of Drum Roll).

Thursday 16th May was a very special day for Roy because he received a special "Ivor Novello" Scroll for his services to the Music Scene. It was presented at a Special Function at Grosvenor House, London. Lynsey De Paul also received an award for the best ballad "Won't Somebody Dance With Me".

There's still no release date for "Eddie & The Falcons" yet, but it is finished and Roy and Rick have gone to America for a few promotion shows, with the album tapes, so it shouldn't be long now.

The Poem Page has been a great success, and I've received hundreds of 'em, but unfortunately I can’t print ‘em all, so this month I'm printing three (well actually Linda's printing ‘em, ‘cos they won’t let me play with the machine), all the others will be given to Roy and the Boys as soon as possible, for their scrap books ...... How about a few dedicated to the other lads e. g.

Keithy is the Drummer
As fine as he could be
But he can’t write poems
As well as I can, so there!!


Mike Burney plays the Saxophone
In that Rockin’ Band
But put him on the guitar
And he's terrible!!
I didn't want to be a poet anyway!! I'm too good.

Getting back to the plot, I'd like to mention that a lot of you have asked for photographs, etc., of 'The Move', but as the group no longer exists, I'm sorry that there are none available, but I'll try and answer your queries if I can.

Linda informs me that Roy's pet goat has had a kid! And that it would be nice if we had a few suggestions from you for a name for it, and we'll pick the most original, so get writing.

I've had thousands of requests for a photograph of me and I'd like to thank you both very much and to let you know that you will be receiving one in the near future so beware! Also there is a certain Sue who sent in a drawing of Roy, can you please send me your address, as I've lost it.

Linda hasn't received too many requests for a coloured poster of Wizzard, so if you all decide you'd like one, then please let her know, and if there's enough requests we can set about getting one done. Send your requests to: Linda, 44 Parkside, London, SW19 5NB.

And finally, there is no gig guide this time because there are no more British dates, because the boys are off to the states (Ahhh!) in July, and at the moment are very busy rehearsing for their debut in Philadelphia on the 13th July, and I'm sure America won’t know what' s hit ‘em! But I know you'll join me in wishing them all the best of luck, and hope that they will slay ‘em!

Well I must go now, ‘cos Roy's dog (Hoss) wants to take me for a walk, and he's bigger than me!



PS : Don't forget next month starts "THE ROY WOOD STORY" - "PART ONE"
................... THE AUDITION ..................

I can't wait to read it!